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10:00- 11:00   Prof. Michal Walton, Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure


11:00- 12:00   Prof. Fwa Tien Fang, Improved Design Framework for Asphalt Pavement Incorporating Functional Requirements


14:30- 15:00:   Prof. William Buttlar, Advanced Testing, Modeling and Field Installation of Three Ground Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt Systems


15:00- 15:30:   Prof. Zhanmin Zhang, An Innovative Approach to Resource Allocation for Infrastructure Management

15:30 - 16:00:        Prof. Richard Kim, Performance Tests and Models and Their Applications


16:00 - 16:30:         Prof. Norbe Dellate, Lessons Learned from Bridge Collapses in Service


16:45- 17:15    Prof. Jenny Liu, Recycling in Alaska Transportation Infrastructure


17:15- 17:45    Prof. Zhanping You, Simulation of Microscopic Structure and Mechanical Behaviors of Mixtures




上一篇:8. Robert Liang 教授【6.12】Long Term Validation of an Accelerated Polishing Test Procedure for HMA Pavement

下一篇:6. Youngsoo Richard Kim 教授【5.27】Performance-Related Specifications for Asphalt Mixtures and Pavements Using AMPT Test Methods and Mechanistic Models