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Eugen Brühwiler教授【1.9】Hybrid structures combining UHPFRC with steel, concrete or timber


报告题目:Hybrid structures combining UHPFRC with steel, concrete or timber

主讲人:Eugen Brühwiler教授

时间:2018年1月9日(周二)上午 9:30-11:00


内容简介:The potential of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious composite materials (UHPFRC) is explored to enhance existing structures and to build new hybrid structures for bridges and buildings. The primary structure (beams, girders, arches) is in steel, reinforced concrete or timber, while the excellent mechanical and durability properties of UHPFRC are exploited to build lightweight slabs that act monolithically with girders. Several designs are introduced, some of them have already been realized. Results from experimental research are presented.

人物简介:Eugen Brühwiler教授毕业于瑞士苏黎世联邦理工学院(ETH),具有美国科罗拉多大学博士后经历。Eugen Brühwiler教授曾在瑞士联邦铁道部担任桥梁设计与施工管理工程师。1995年受聘为瑞士洛桑联邦理工学院(EPFL)教授,现任瑞士洛桑联邦理工学院(EPFL)土木、建筑与环境学院结构工程教授,结构工程研究所和结构安全与维护实验室主任。


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