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20.Steven Ward教授【11.1】《基于Tsunami Squares方法的多种自然灾害数值模拟》


报告题目:《基于Tsunami Squares方法的多种自然灾害数值模拟》

主 讲 人:Steven Ward  教授  (美国加州大学圣克鲁兹分校)




StevenWard,美国加州大学圣克鲁兹分校高级研究员,世界著名地球物理学家。研究内容涉及地震与断层相互作用的计算机模拟,飓风风暴潮、地震及滑坡诱发海啸数值模拟,滑坡诱发链生灾害如溃坝、涌浪、洪水等灾害的危险性多学科评估,此外还基于多种工程建设案例,开展了对桥梁桩基与波浪流场的相互影响、隧道通风等数值模拟研究。Steven Ward曾经担任SCI杂志Geophysical Journal International责任编辑,在国际高水平期刊上发表论文100余篇,其中Nature、Science 论文4篇,另有2篇荣登杂志“science”编辑的选择( editor Schoice )。相关成果在YOU Tube视频主页公开科普,目前日均点击量达10000次,累计点击量超过900万。

Steven Ward is a senor Research Geophysicist in University of California Santa Cruz. His early research involves Theoretical Seismology, Earthquake: active tectonics, and relevant natural Disasters. In recent decade, he has researched on new computer simulation methods of worldwide serious geological disasters, such as the interactions of earthquake and fault, Storm Surge, earthquake and landslides generated tsunami and floods, hazard assessment of landslide hazard chain such as dam break, river tsunami and flood. Besides he has all so simulated the interaction of flow field and ocean bridge piles, and tunnel ventilations based on engineering project cases. Steven Ward was a board editor of"Geophysical Journal International". He has published more than 100 papers, four of them on Science and Nature, and the other 2 are selected as the Science editor's choice.The simulation achievements are post on his personal website and YouTube with daily page view of more than 10000 andthe total of 9000,000 till now.



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